Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spotlight: Jun Takahashi ✧

Japanese designer, Jun Takahashi, is the brilliant mastermind behind Undercover. Ever since I first saw Undercover's FW14 collection, Takahashi has been one of my favorite designers. I loved the whole creepy avant-garde aesthetic he had for this collection:

(Undercover's F/W 2014 collection.)

The models wore medieval vampire-type outfits, ethereal crowns and even donned bright red contact lenses to add to the eeriness:

Takahashi also has a trademark punk-street style going on, which I love. In his SS14 collection, he captured the essence of punk while still showing elegance and sophistication with a monochromatic color scheme.

(Undercover's S/S 2014 collection at Paris Fashion Week.)

In the finale, lights were turned off to showcase his captivating LED shirts. From what I've read, the words on the shirts were inspired by lyrics from a band called Savages and their post-punk album, Silence Yourself.

Jun Takahashi is the master of cool when it comes to fashion and I really look forward to what he comes up with in the future. You can check out his website at
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