Sunday, March 2, 2014

Music for March ♬

It's been a while since I've made a monthly music list so here are some of my newly discovered music that I absolutely recommend:

Youth Lagoon - The Year of Hibernation (2011)
I discovered them on Pandora and loved the song 17. Their music is incredibly calming and soothing. I listened to the rest of their album and was not disappointed. My favorite song was Afternoon. "And when I speak I don't make sense, but believe me when I see." I really recommend this band for fans of: Bombay Bicycle Club, Local Natives, and Daughter.

Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends - (2013)
This is another band I discovered on Pandora. I actually discovered them last year but I've never really heard the full album until just recently. My favorite song off of the album is Sea of Air and the acoustic version is so amazing. "When you talk to God about suicide, when you never hear back I hope your still alive and that part of you that never cared, well you can leave it here in the sea of air." I recommend this for fans of: Young the Giant, the Nationals, and Foster the People.

Young the Giant - Mind Over Matter (2014)
I've actually been a fan of Young the Giant since 7th grade so this isn't really much of a discovery, but oh well. When they announced they were releasing a new album I was so excited! This album definitely did not disappoint. My favorite song off the album is Paralysis. "Lately I've been thinking I'm not feeling nothing at all." I recommend this band for fans of: Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, and Grouplove.
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